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Need For Speed Heat

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From everything I've read and seen it doesn't seem like it's going back to the NFS we wanted though.
It's a different developer you can forget about that happening. If ghost carbon copies the game and makes it like a black box or criterion game then they will lose their credibility as a developer. The problem is EA they need to adapt the COD model for NFS.

Have only 3 series running by 3 studios, I'd say NFS HP and rivals can merge to become one series under the name HP.
Second would be NFS MW with MW and Carbon merging for a full day/night experience, where you could have pink slips you could even have pink slips online where you would only lose your car but not the design. This could be a unique way to unlock vehicles.
Third is this Heat Series where you have Pro street like event racing in the morning and it jas already sort of merged with underground and it's cops are it's unique thing.

If i was given the chance to head EA first thing I'd do is apply this rotaionary model. Less ships means less sh*t to worry about.

For a decade now they've been churning out NFS games without a vision. They have 24 games now i guess it's more than enough to focus on the games that are actually good.

The yearly NFS needs to come back.

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1 hour ago, Heaven Angel said:

Nope. If you have premium access then it worth a try, otherwise. Fallen Order is way better imo.


Well its good I didnt pre-order it then. 

Will try out Jedi Fallen Order once the price drops a bit. 

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Criterion will develop the next Need for Speed game, Ghost Games will refocus as an engineering hub



As EA stated:

“With a strong history and passion for racing games and vision for what we can create, the Criterion team is going to take Need for Speed into the next-generation.”



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