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Favourite Mobile Game?

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For casual and quick bursts of solo-play:

- Doodle Jump

- PACMAN: 256

- Tadpole Tap


For multiplayer (on the same phone) awesomeness:

- Chain Reaction


Single-player, but may need more time and focus:

- Monument Valley

- The Room

- Florence


I absolutely loved the concept of Pokemon: GO when it came out. Haven't played it in a while, though.



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2 hours ago, KyoyaHibari said:




Kingdom Rush




all of then are on pc or console too.


Don't think Florence is on PC/console.

Have heard a lot of good things about it and have been meaning to play it for quite some time. Will hopefully get around to it soon.


13 minutes ago, HundredProofSam said:

Been also meaning to try thatgamecompany's new mobile game Sky. Anyone tried it?


Waiting for it to hit android or PC. Feels like it's been forever since the game was announced <_<

On a slightly unrelated note, have you tried Abzu? I liked it more than Journey. I know this is very subjective though.

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