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Official GamePass Thread

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3 minutes ago, Vaibhavp said:

Tunic stealth drop on gamepass. :punk:


Metascore 88 so far. 


Already available but not allowing download yet.



Just came here to post this preview which got me pretty excited for the game. Didn't know it was a souls-like.



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Tunic looks like Zelda but plays more like Dark Souls. It is an unapologetically challenging action-adventure game that is charming, multi-layered, and immensely rewarding to solve.





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Cannot install gamepass games on my xsx. Anybody else getting the same issue.


EDIT: It's just not gamepass. Turns out I cannot install any games, even the ones I purchased. All my games are digital. :furious:

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Got my system to work again after resetting it.


Played 15-30 mins of Tunic. Loving it, so far. Feels like a cuter version of Death's Door.


Also tried out Shredders. Gameplay is good but I hate the cutscences and the characters. Really hate these "yolo dude" youtuber characters.

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