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Resident Evil 3 Remake


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9 minutes ago, AnK said:

VR not possible in TP 


& in any case they have reimagined RE2 & RE3 in RE4 blueprint 


I don’t think RE4 really needs a remake in the same perspective 

as it has already been remastered for every single generation so far 


RE4 reimagined in RE7 blueprint 

now that!! will be something 



Yes. It could be a short Ada Wong spinoff for VR. 


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3 hours ago, Mysteryman said:

VR has been a thing since RE7 and confirmed for 8 as well so it is pretty much expected for 4. As of now, we do not know what format it will take but I would like TPS like the OG. 



Remaking RE4 like RE2 would feel just like a graphics upgrade. 


Also while RE7 VR is great. It is fairly basic when compared to the newer VR titles on the market. I meant something like Half life Alyx where you can use the motion controllers. 

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I am at the second nemesis fight and seriously is he a frigging bullet sponge ? I have emptied so many rounds of shotgun shells, explosive rounds, flame rounds and mine rounds on that parasite thing that comes outta his body. But he still keeps getting up. 


What does it take to put him down for good ?

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