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Namit Kanojia

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1. Examine the cartridge slot under light and see if there are any bent/misplaced pins that might not be touching the cartridge.

2. Try using another power adapter.

3. Open the console and check the soldering points around the cartridge slot, wiggle it gently to see if any of the points are loose.

4. Check the soldering points with a multimeter for continuity.  Place one pin on the top of the soldering point and the other pin on the board.


You can fix the point 1 and 2 yourself but for the rest you will have to find a mobile/console repair guy to fix the console. You can go to Musafir Khana market and ask there, I have seen several guys sitting there doing repairs. It's close to Manish Market and Crawford Market. I don't know the exact address.

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