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Will you subscribe to the new PS Plus Tiers.   

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25 minutes ago, Mr. Comingle said:

Hype for THPS. Not if they hold back next gen upgrade. 

Yeah man, that's disappointing.


For newer games I'd still be fine paying 10$ and upgrading to the ps5 rather than going the FF7R way

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1 hour ago, gecko89 said:

Hope The Lost Legacy is one of them, as of today it's been exactly 4 years since launch. 


Hope not, anyone interested in uncharted already has that bargain bin title (by now). Hoping they give something most don't already have, wouldn't mind tony hawk 1+2, wanted to play it but will never get around to buying a skating game. But am not keeping my hope's up for that.

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Yes I agree 

Putting out games like Uncharted,GoW,Spider-Man,Horizon  four years down the line makes no sense as most of the ppl interested would have played it by then 


They should start putting their First Party line up much earlier than they have usually been doing 



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11 hours ago, Vamos said:

Waiting for The Order 1886 from 6 years. :chair:

That game actually should have been given on PS+ after first year itself 


I spent around $9 & regretted that too 

Worst game I played & finished since PS2 era 


Lore was great though 

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