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Assassin's Creed: Valhalla


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8 minutes ago, WhiteWolf said:

Yup. Female Eivor got same animation and move set as male. Female eivor feels same as Male Eivor in every way except voice.lol

Clearly forced in the game to avoid backlash. 


Kassandra was properly integrated in  Odyssey and had her own animation and move sets completely different from Alexios.

its not that. According to the story & lore,  eivor = havi = you know who. How does a female eivor even make sense in that context. 

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18 hours ago, dylanjosh said:


In Odyssey it was the male guy that was forced in



Wonder how ubisoft were blind to horizon zero dawn, bayonetta, tomb freakin raider.

Anyway will there be an updated season pass ? If so I'll refrain buying the game currently 50% off on psn

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6 hours ago, DinJo said:

Is dawn of ragnarok seperate game altogether or do I need to have main game as well? When is embargo lifting? 

It requires the base the game. That's what is mentioned on GTS site.

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On 5/20/2022 at 9:48 PM, RV1709 said:

This game struggles to hit 4k60 on 3080. Doesn’t seem to have DLSS either. Bad optimisation or am I missing something?


Bad optimisation like all AC games. Its tradition at this point. 

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