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The Playstation 5 thread

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3 minutes ago, abhi90 said:

1. Just give me great GT7 footage with my McLaren F1 to :fap: to with no delays

2. GoW is confirmed, let me see the lightning man :wub:

3. Persona 6

4. Somehow put in something of RDR2 remaster



Agree with everything- but why RDR2 Remaster? RDR1 is needed. BUT RDR2 looks and plays amazing as it is.

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4 minutes ago, abhi90 said:

Point taken, just release a 60fps patch :fear:


3 minutes ago, KrIzAliD said:


rdr2 needs a 60fps patch

That has to be a free patch. Not a "Remaster" that Rockstar will charge $60 for (Though considering I played on PC in 60 FPS, I should maybe not comment on this :fear:).

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They never released GTAV support for PS4pro/XBoneX & now they are releasing the game “all over again” for the third time on another Next Gen 


Anyone who thinks they’ll ever release an upgrade “patch” for any game are just kidding themselves 


Rockstar don’t roll that way 

they should though, I’ll be the happiest man if they next gen patch RDR2 for 60fps for free 

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2 hours ago, radicaldude said:










2 hours ago, Snake said:

I think now all PS exclusive games have the studios branding, don't think Sony is buying Kojiprod

Death Stranding DC Final Trailer also had PS Studios logo at the beginning, with the Death Stranding characters in the 3D logo as it forms.



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There was no PS Studios when the PS4 version came out 


It was still Sony Computer Entertainment & the way they branded their games were different 


It’s only with PS studios that they have started branding games like this 



It was a Sony owned ip then & it’s Sony owned still….nothing has changed except marketing/branding 

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2 hours ago, KnackChap said:


Can you blame them though? There are 1.5k people just staring at a  blank logo right now on the youtube channel. 


Sony doesn't need controlled leaks and 'Heroes' to generate hype :P

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foook, it was thinking that this PS event was tomorrow night and day after that I had to travel early morning at 5am and I am going to miss it


but it's actually tonight :wOOtjumpy: 


I am staying up late to watch all live with scamgang coz tomorrow is a holiday!! hurray! :D:cheers:

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15 minutes ago, Mysteryman said:

Why is Sony always picking 1.30am IST for their shows? It must have a sensible time to expand the audience. 


Why should they follow Indian timings for their shows?

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