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The Playstation 5 thread

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On 12/15/2021 at 9:38 PM, Assassins Creed said:


Personally not interested in both :rolleyes:




I always thought sims are not for me.


Do give it a try if there are any technical test.

also be sure to tweak cam settings to free it up a bit. 

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10 hours ago, radicaldude said:






It's twisted metal going by the rumors and that game is in a genre that no one plays anymore so unless it's a complete reboot & changes it from a car combat game to something else (with car combat playing only a small part) it's a waste personally. Or it could be a new Wipeout but it also needs a reboot as the recent games are nothing but mix and match remasters of old games. 


The tv show itself sounds like a PG version of Mad Max, if that's what they're going for with the game then fingers crossed. 

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They should make Twisted Metal a racing game like death race movies, would be alot fun than whatever weird game it is, couldn't care less about blowing up cars in a party game, all car games should have adrenaline rush and without racing it can't be done. Never got into twisted metal even with 3-4 people around me playing multiplayer of it, we got bored so easily, we used to pop in crash team racing or nitro kart or road rash jailbreak [ now those were real racer] vehicular combat was amazing with road rash jailbreak it was mortal kombat on wheels, i don't why EA later on went to making cheap arse road rash games with road rash 3d, road rash jailbreak was THE winning formula. Heck if i had that license I'd be stinkin rich.

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On 12/16/2021 at 2:23 AM, NitroNeo said:

Congrats they turned up well this time, also do let me know if you bought spidey miles UE from croma, it's cheaper but the rating is US ESRB, i am looking for PEGI version as my account is indian so can't use US codes.

Also that matte series x makes me wanna still hold onto my one x, i am amazed how MS made such a basic looking console



No I didn't buy any PS5 games yet, only thinking of buying Gran Turismo 7 at launch for now. Also like Ank said, you can just create a US a/c and still play it on your personal a/c of any region for digital games. Physical copies doesn't make any difference anyway.

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Don't know if this was posted, but this guy is the reason i can blindly go in and buy a PS because you know he will dive into the meticulous parts for the system architecture, a good example how he has said he worked on spiderman game as well, and we all see how it is taking advantage of ps5 power, #incernywetrust


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