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The Playstation 5 thread

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1 hour ago, triggr happy ss said:


at least article padh le


1 hour ago, rAgHaV said:



No one owns the trademark. It is IN dispute.


Basically, you apply for a trademark and it stays in the TM journal for a good 4 months afaik. In case during this time no one opposes then you get the TM registered in your name and if someone opposes then it becomes an online case with the TM department deciding in one party's favour. The PS5 TM as of now is NOT registered in that guy's name. Both that guy and sony have FILED for it. You can do it do, I can do it as well. None of us would last even 2 weeks in the TM online case drama against Sony.


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That freakin heatsink and liquid metal for cooling. Also, the dust catcher is pretty neat.

Now we know storage expansion is not as easy as XSX, but that's just me nitpicking.


They're late but this was a pretty solid teardown.

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6 minutes ago, gecko89 said:

Glad the stand comes with the console and isn't a separate purchase like previous generations. Otherwise that's a few thousand rupees right there.


The stand is mandatory for the console to placed vertically or horizontally. The designed forced their hand to pack it in. 

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