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The Playstation 5 thread

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1 minute ago, kunjanp said:

Bigger does not mean better. It's about volume and to me SX's heatshink looks to have a higher volume. Anyway, Sony did a good job with the Ps5.


Bigger in this case means bigger volume only. SX heatsink looks like about the size of one of the three blocks on PS5. It also has six heat pipes which is pretty impressive considering 3080 only has four.

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21 minutes ago, Assassins Creed said:


Yeah, no need to wait for Special Editions :punk:



Lol even if it doesn't, Love the design and how easy it is to remove the panel to clean those fans.. 


Thats why its called a dust catcher and not a dust blocker :P

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PS5 needs really high speed SSD with PCIE 4.0 compatibility which your ssd probably doesn't have. 
That should be a non issue is to be honest.. Just transfer the games from one hdd to other considering both are ssds it won't take long..

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