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The Playstation 5 thread

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2 minutes ago, abhi90 said:

Most of the shipments I get come through Tohana itself.


Buggers. Let's do a dharna-pradarshan there. @Nathan.Drake and @quixote_1989 and @Sach4life are in so far

Calm down 

I usually get items shipped from tohana at around 2-3 am and get delivered in morning so most likely it will ship in the next 12 hours and be delivered on 3rd

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1 minute ago, playstationdude said:

Paisa, FKas safety net. Main one was SC. Ab jaakar dimaag kharaab karna padega SC for refund:bash:


Ye to hona hi tha. But you got the console, which is good. 


Complain to Sony HQ if these buggers don't refund. 

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Just now, playstationdude said:

How tf does my sc not have stock then. idiot banare hai bkl 


Yep. I was initially ordering from him only but bc he was forcing bundles. One thing is that he was clear from the start that he would get stock on 2nd itself

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1 hour ago, Bird Bird Bird said:




It is shared stock. He said 6 units are not blocked, so if you physically pre-order, he will get it delivered tomorrow. 


@abhi90: Pinged you his number. 



No SC in Noida has stock. I tried 3 places. 

Can you pls share his number with me? A close friend needs a PS5 unit. Thanks

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Invoice generated but not shipped.... Shipping from Gurgaon haryana... Delivery max by day after tomorrow to Lucknow... ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

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