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The Xbox Series X|S thread

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6 hours ago, quixote_1989 said:

Shall we set sail tonight mates?

@psinide @playstationdude

@adity @dylanjosh @WhatsInTheName


6 hours ago, adity said:



6 hours ago, quixote_1989 said:



11 sounds good.


5 hours ago, WhatsInTheName said:


lol, thats what I wanted to check before I let my twitchy fingers takeover. Downloading Dragon Age Inquisition (not available on Indian Store) from US store now to check if other region games launch or not. Will ping and let you know.

I'll see if I can join you guys. Currently stuck in some work

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2 hours ago, WhatsInTheName said:


ok, so Dragon Age Inquisition works if I change the region to US in my Xbox settings. That means Spec Ops should work too! 

ok, changing region again and again is not a issue right in regards to your a/c? Could u try buying Spec Ops and see if it works ? This way I can decide to buy Oblivion again in future maybe. There are some games which are weirdly priced in Indian store, some of the older games like Mad Max, even on sale its 1.9k when its much cheaper in US around 10$ , I already suggested customer support to fix prices of some of these old games but they haven't yet..

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4 minutes ago, quixote_1989 said:

People who have designed the Xbox UI definitely hates Xbox.

They certainly have to rework Xbox UI. It is detailed but too messy. 

PS on the other hand has cleaner and subtle UI but it's little buggy as of now. 


Both needed sometime to iron things out. 

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Getting crushed blacks on my Xbox Series X with Samsung NU7100 TV.


I cannot see the closed eye under the "Calibrate TV" option if I set "Color space" on XBOX to "Standard" and "HDMI Black Level" to "Low" or color space to "PC RGB" and black level to "Normal".


Only way I can see the closed eye if color space is "Standard" and black level is "Normal". But that is not correct setting, right?


Color Space - HDMI Black Level - Closed Black Eye Visible
Standard   -       Low                -                   No
Standard   -       Normal          -                    Yes
PC RGB     -       Low                -                    No
PC RGB     -       Normal           -                   No

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On 2/12/2021 at 4:20 PM, Jigsaw said:


Still in Stock :rofl:


I am actually waiting for the RED controller, woh dekehtoh bol dena :wub:

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22 minutes ago, Assassins Creed said:


why, did you buy all of them ?? :ko: 





Paagal hoon kya? 


Ek kaafi hai. T7 1TB will act as the backup. Tell Spencer bhaiyya to make more games instead of scaring us baccha log into buying more storage. 

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