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The Xbox Series X|S thread

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31 minutes ago, Heaven Angel said:

Xbox's Phil Spencer | IGN Interview


Acknowledges light 2022 for Xbox, "that's on me"

Stresses quality for Forza Motorsport; reiterates it's a 2023 game

343 "critically important to the success of Halo"

Confident in Activision deal closing




Check the post right above yours. ?

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Key points from jschreier




Atleast 95 employees laid off (FTE and contractor)

Tatanka will be in Unreal Engine and may not be (just?) a battle royale

No new story content for Infinite. New ideas were pitched for new Halo games in Unreal Engine but those folks were also impacted by layoffs





Since Halo Infinite was released, fans had assumed that in addition to new multiplayer modes, 343 was working on new content for the story. But that wasn't the case, according to the people familiar with the situation. Developers were making prototypes in the Unreal Engine and pitching ideas for new Halo games rather than working on new missions for Halo Infinite. Many of those developers were laid off this month and the company isn't actively working on new story content, the people said. A Microsoft spokesman declined to comment.

In the eyes of some observers and former 343 employees, the reorganization was a long time coming. The studio, which was founded in 2007 to inherit Halo after Microsoft parted ways with original developer Bungie, has struggled through many challenges, including the release of several polarizing games. Patrick Wren, a former 343 designer, said on Twitter that the job cuts and the state of the Halofranchise overall are the result of "incompetent leadership up top" during Halo Infinite's development that led to "massive stress on those working hard to make Halo the best it can be."


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7 minutes ago, Snake said:


This is really the best case for 343. They need to re-think their sh*t. Just keep doing a good job supporting Infinite MP in the meantime.




I need me some unreal goodness :naughty:


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4 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:

So 50% premium over US price. They're doing 1 USD = 120 INR. 

Sadly, with currency devaluations and inflation, this will become common. 


Hasn't that always been the case though? Isn't there like a 53% tax on these things?

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8 hours ago, CarbonCore said:


They also recently updated the Dolphin core so its faster now.

And added a UI front for configuring the controls. Earlier builds needed a PC from which you could import the config

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