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It Takes Two

Heaven Angel

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It Takes Two is their next project – an innovative co-op adventure where uniquely varied gameplay and emotional storytelling intertwine in a fantastical journey, set for release in 2021.

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Hop on the wildest trip of your life in It Takes Two, coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC (Origin, Steam) on March 26, 2021



With Friend’s Pass*, invite someone who you’d like to share this genre-bending, mind-blowing, co-op only platform adventure with – for free*!

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The Good

  • Levels are wildly varied, intensely creative, and each new idea is well-executed
  • Each level give you new tools to use and exciting new ways to play
  • Fantastic boss fights iterate on each area's mechanics in clever and surprising ways
  • Strong performances from the lead actors help overcome some corny dialogue and make the characters impressively believable

The Bad

  • Dr. Hakim is an incredibly obnoxious take on the "Latin Lover" trope
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1 minute ago, Heaven Angel said:

I want to know how this sharing works in this game? If I buy can I play with multiple friends or will there be one time code or something?

If it's like way out, you can share with however many people you want. It's just that you need to be the one who hosts it. 

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Friend Pass



With Friend's Pass, invite a friend to join the adventure in It Takes Two for free*.

Invite a friend to join the adventure in It Takes Two for free*, even if they don’t own the game! Because whether it’s splitting an ice cream sundae, grabbing a drink, spending the night on the couch, or going on the craziest adventure of your life – everything is better when we do it together. Also, flying through a mob of angry rodents in a plane made of underpants is 1000% more fun when you have a co-pilot.


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