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The Coronavirus Thread Part 2

Big Boss

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While thousands of visitors to Shanghai Disneyland on Sunday were queuing for roller coasters and watching fireworks above the fairytale castle, staff quietly sealed the amusement park. People in Hazmat suits streamed in through the gates, preparing to test everyone for Covid-19 before they could leave for the day. 


Nearly 34,000 people at Disneyland underwent testing, which ended close to midnight, long after the festivities at the park are usually finished. Ferried home on 220 special buses, all were found Monday to be negative but are still required to isolate at home for two days, and be re-tested for the coronavirus in two weeks. 


China, dude. 

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7 hours ago, radicaldude said:







Increase in containment zones does not imply increase in hospitalization due to COVID. I would guess there are higher dengue cases than COVID cases in hospitals right now in Delhi NCR. 

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15 minutes ago, radicaldude said:

Do you think booster shots are imminent now 20211108_073041.jpg


Only effective if boosters also tackle newer mutations. Most likely will be like flu vaccine, but quantities needed will be exponentially higher. 

Also, I am not surprised this is coming from Kolkata/WB. :lol:

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20 minutes ago, dante77 said:

Working from office is gonna be a huge pain :(

I work from my hometown. Here I am rich living good life. Gonna be living poor in Delhi/NCR :(

And that traffic :(


Also no chance to play video games between meetings. :nerves:

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