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The Coronavirus Thread Part 2

Big Boss

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23 minutes ago, North said:


This. My society friend group doesn't ask me to hang out because I refused to share alcohol bottles and cigarettes during covid peak. :wallbash:

Told them it was sheer dumbassery and now I'm the outcast. Join the club.


Luckily I have some sensible friends as well, or I would be depressed by this point. 

Who tf shares cigarettes :rofl:

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21 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:

Just got that option. After wife and kids, I turned positive today. 
Mom also showing symptoms, but she’s super averse to testing. 
Now concerned about dad - he’s on immunosuppressants. Already isolated him from everyone, but he cannot work without support. 

Oh man, take care bro , hopefully it ain’t as bad as when you posted this

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3 hours ago, Mr. Comingle said:

Who tf shares cigarettes :rofl:


Everyone does, I used to all the time when I was 

Sharing cigarettes is sureshot way to cut smoking


1. You don't smoke alone, you always need company

2. You smoke by-two or by-three



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OT but heath related.


Two of my teeth are transplants, 1 has root one doesn't. Had transplant back in 2018


From past few days, I am having an itch sorta feeling. Like i want to crush these two teeth or squeeze them with a plier, what could be it?

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18 minutes ago, Big Boss said:

I know that people share and I am not even a smoker 

Weird. I'm not a smoker but I've never seen my friends share. Seems pretty dubious hygiene wise. 

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Everyone on my mother's side tested positive last week including my grandparents. Luckily, they have all recovered very quickly. Even my grandfather, who is a heart patient, diabetic and is also going through prostate cancer treatment recovered in 4-5 days (he is fully vaccinated). Hopefully, there will be no side effects.

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Hi, if you are reading this essay then congratulations, you are still alive. And if you are alive, then you have either gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, or you still have the opportunity to get the vaccine against COVID-19. And holy f**k, if you aren’t f**king vaccinated against COVID-19, then you need to get f**king vaccinated right now. I mean, what the f**k? f*** you. Get vaccinated. f**k.

The f**king vaccine will not make you magnetic. Are you f**king kidding me? It just f**king won’t. That’s not even a f**king thing, and that lady who tried to pretend the vaccine made her f**king magnetic looked like a real f**king f**kwad and a f**king idiot, so get f**king vaccinated. Jesus. f**k.


The vaccine also doesn’t have a f**king 5G chip in it. what the f**k do you think a f**king 5G chip is, f**knuts? You think it’s like some invisible nanotechnology they can suspend in a liquid and then just put in your f**king blood and then it what, exactly? f**king floats around in your body going on Instagram and telling the government you went to the grocery store? No one f**king cares where you go, you absolute f**king f**k-barf. f**k off with that. f**k.


Oh, you’re afraid of f**king side effects? f*** you. You know what has f**king side effects? f**king aspirin, f**king Tylenol. You could be f**king allergic to pineapple, you f**king f**kwit. Everything has side effects. You’re being a big f**king baby with a huge diaper full of f**king diarrhea, complaining about maybe feeling slightly tired for a day or two while your asymptomatic COVID case you get and pass to some innocent f**king kid could wind up killing them or someone else. f*** you, you f**king selfish f**king sh*t-banana, you unredeemable a*s-caterpillar, you f**king f**k-knob with two f**ks for eyes and a literal poop where your heart should be. You want a two-month-old to wind up on a f**king ventilator instead of you, a f**king adult, getting a f**king sore arm for a day? What are you, a pitcher for the Yankees? A f**king concert pianist? An arm model? Get the f**k out of here! f*** you. Get vaccinated. f**k. f*** you!


You think vaccines don’t f**king work? Oh, f**k off into the trash, you attention-seeking f**kworm-faced shitbutt. This isn’t even a point worth discussing, you f**k-o-rama f**k-stival of ignorance. Vaccines got rid of smallpox and polio and all the other disgusting diseases that used to kill off little f**ks like you en masse. Your relatives got f**king vaccinated and let you live, and now here you are signing up to be killed by a f**king disease against which there is a ninety-nine-percent effective vaccine. You f**king moron. Go in the f**king ocean and f**k a piranha. f**k. f**k that. f*** you. Get vaccinated.


Oh, you say you have a genuine allergy or medical condition that prevents you from receiving a f**king vaccine? That’s fine. I’m clearly not talking to you. I f**king love you. f**k.

Look, if you have been forwarded this essay from a friend or loved one, then there are two possibilities. Either you are a normal, regular, sensible f**king person like me who got f**king vaccinated at the first possible moment, and this essay channels all your f**king rage and sadness and is therefore cathartic OR, and I really hope this isn’t the f**king case, you AREN’T f**king vaccinated, and someone sent it to you because you f**king f**king f**k, you need to get f**king vaccinated. And rather than being f**king offended that someone is trying yet again to get you to take the f**king vaccine, you should understand that someone f**king loves you enough to try one last motherf**king time to get you to take the f**king vaccine before you f**k off to heaven, or hell, or some in-between place that’s just like a f**king mall or something where everything is free, including and especially the soft pretzels. So, congratulations! There is ONE person remaining in your life who wants to f**king save you from drowning in your own f**king lungs, you f**king f**kshit f**kdick, so for god’s sake, get your f**king a*s out of your chair, go to the f**king pharmacy, and get a f**king vaccine, you absolute conscienceless f**king f**k f**k f**k. Get it. Get the f**king vaccine. f*** you. f**k f**k f**k. f**k. f*** you. f**k!



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10 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:

This needs to be narrated by someone like Denzel or Obama . or at the least hoping  someone will pay and get a cameo done from a celebrity to get the attention this post deserves :rofl:



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