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44 minutes ago, VelivolusDas said:


Yep. Although YT gave the option of 60FPS, the video itself was 30FPS, which is weird.


And yeah, the game just doesn't seem to click, despite the strong premise. And why in the world does Bat-Girl talk so much even when she's alone? I get that the devs wanted to highlight the difference between her and maybe other characters/Batman (from previous games), but halfway through the video, I was like...


Real Estate Shut Up GIF by NETFLIX

Bad VA too. She sounds 16 and emphasises like she’s doing a table read 

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I might just install Arkham Origins and give that another go. I got bored of it last time and stopped after few hours.  Getting Those Riddler CCTV things were annoying af. 




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1 hour ago, Agent 47 said:

Its made by WB Montreal which doesn't have good rep for making Arkham Games. That's a red flag already. 

Arkham origins is pretty decent - good boss fights 

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