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PS4 - nostalgia thread (best & the worst)


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Done with more or less all of the games in my backlog that arent having PS5 patch. Has been a great gen..so much so that I found it hard to choose my top 10. Below is my top 10 list, in order: 


Bloodborne: First and only From Software game I've played so far. One of the most frustrating but memorable and rewarding experience I ever had in gaming.
GOW: Thats how you do a reboot!!
Astrobot: Each and every level was so unique and creative. Makes great of use of VR tech.
Nier Automata: One of the best stories in a video game.
Yakuza 0: Like many, this hooked me to the Yakuza series.
Witcher 3: First witcher game I played and loved the world, its stories and characters.
RE7: VR took it to the next level.
RDR2: What an amazing, complex open world they have created. Arthur Morgan FTFW!!
TLOU 2: Tells an emotional story, looks insane but gets too dark and depressing at times, hence the lower ranking.
TLG: Unique and emotional like all of his previous works.

Few indies like Inside, Little Nightmares, WRofEF, Valiant Hearts etc - found them way better than many copy-paste open world crapola.


So many memorable moments:
Defeating Father Gascoigne after countless tries over 2 years.
That moment in TLOU2 :panic:
That moment in GOW :panic::panic:
Jump scare in Arkham Knight
Visiting Valentine for the first time.
Finding your way through those underground caves in Hellblade
Yakuza 0: Majima's intro
What remains of edith finch: Lewis's story
UC4 ending
Watching E3 2016 in a theatre full of ponies.


And many more...


VR has been a highlight for me this gen. Can easily fill a separate list for VR only moments. But the best one for me was from Moss, the first game I played in VR. After completing a comparatively tricky puzzle, quill raised her hand and I instinctively responded back for a high five, just to realise a second later that she isnt there.

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On 6/2/2022 at 1:34 PM, Bauji said:

The first game I played in VR. After completing a comparatively tricky puzzle, quill raised her hand and I instinctively responded back for a high five, just to realise a second later that she isnt there.


imagine that you felt the high five.. and then you realize this while trying to sleep at 3AM. :naughty: :scarerun: 


I am also in the process of clearing my ps4 backlog. Might take me a while, should be just in time before the true ps5 exclusives show up. yet to give any VR games a shot..

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On 9/13/2020 at 12:16 PM, AnK said:

I just have one word to say:- 



My first FromSoftware game & couldn’t have asked a better Killerapp exclusive for my cherished system 



Uncharted 4 was more of the same 

Just started Horizon lately but it’s obviously not something out of the world awesomeness 


Won’t comment on multiplatform games as they are not really associated with PS4 alone 



The Bad:- 

Having to pay to play online 

I know M$ is the real culprit here & sony had little option left but services remained mostly the same so I don’t know why this scam came to be in the first place 


Death of KillZone 

one of the most cherished & revered exclusives from PS3 & the only online oriented shooter of PS brand died a terrible death 

maybe it just had to be with games GaaS & battleroyal on the horizon pretty early on in this gen 

but still they could have given a little bit extra effort 

Apart from these:- 


-Battlefield 4 & it’s amazing experience on PSN

-Second Son Visuals 

-Destiny Raids (minus the grind)

-Witcher 3’s World 

-MGS5’s Tactical Espionage Perfection

-Being the Batman feel 

-Titanfall Campaign

-GoW’s rebirth  


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