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On 9/18/2020 at 8:42 PM, playstationdude said:

Yeah nothing next gen looking about it. FF7 remake actually looks better visually. Still excited for it and will play day 1, but yeah visually it was underwhelming.


On 9/19/2020 at 2:24 AM, WhiteWolf said:

FF7 remake looks better. 


FF 16 releasing next year? 


I saw the stand-alone 4k Trailer and I kinda get the feeling this is Square Enix being honest - which is refreshing. If you look at the trailer, like the initial fire and ground textures - it's greatly pixellated and not complete at all. There are not many effects. And even in cutscenes, their facial expressions are not there yet. This looks like a very early Alpha version of the game.


The good news is that - this shows that the game will most probably look far better as it gets closer to launch (Looking a proper next gen title). I'm sure, if we had seen Final Fantasy 7 Remake this early Alpha - it would have looked far worse. Generally, in this stage, companies just reveal via a 2-4 minute CG Trailer (As even SE did with FF13, Versus 13 (15) and FF 7 Remake). That or they crank up the settings for only a very 2 min trailer small portion, make the game look as if it will give a 3090 a run for it's money and blow away people's minds screaming next gen. Then keep quiet for 1-2 years and quietly degrade the game, so fans can be disappointed with the "downgrade" (Which is a lie as the game could never have run at that settings)


That said, anyone saw the standalone trailer that @Joe Cool posted?


1) It looks a little better in 4k


2) More importantly - at the end it mentions "Playstation Console Exclusive" and "*Not Available on other platforms for a limited time after launch on PS5". So even on PC most probably - the game will launch 1 year later as it's doing with FF7R and not day-and-date (And what about Xbox?)

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6 minutes ago, Mysteryman said:

Always wanted a mature Final fantasy game. There are lots of blood and a beheading in the trailer. 

Final Fantasy VII remake could have but they toned it down. Like red blood trail replaced with purple goo. 

People are really fascinated by beheading and blood :P

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