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7 minutes ago, Bauji said:

+1. And hope its decent on PS4, so that I can play it asap.


It's there on all the relevant home systems. PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One X, Xbox One S and PC. It's up there on their official site. no way a 3rd party HP game is going PS5 (or even PS+PC) exclusive.

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4 minutes ago, roun90 said:


It's there on all the relevant home systems. PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One X, Xbox One S and PC. It's up there on their official site. no way a 3rd party HP game is going PS5 (or even PS+PC) exclusive.

Sry, dint get you. I'm not talking about exclusivity. Wont be buying PS5 for next few years..so hoping this game runs decent enough on PS4 so that I dont have to wait few years to play it on PS5.

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I'm gonna try to keep expectations minimum. Idk why warner bros chose these devs. But i read somewhere that this game is the reason why AT&T decided not to sell warner bros so seems to be a good one.

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14 minutes ago, playstationdude said:

Yeah this is true. We discriminate against darker skinned Indians and yet call out Caucasians on racism. Lol. :rofl:


Not all of us are. And I believe we should call out anyone who is a transphobe or homophobe irrespective of which country they are from. She ridiculed trans people in public. I am pretty sure we would react if its an Indian saying the same comments as long as it reaches our attention.

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8 hours ago, Joe Cool said:


Because JK Rowling is a piece of garbage human. Good thing the game has no ties to her. 


I would not call her a garbage human being. She has done a lot of things that others - including her "haters" will never be able to do. She freely donated 1 million pounds just this year to help those affected by the Coronavirus lockdowns. She has also donated around 16% of her total net worth to charitable causes thus far. Giving away 16% of your total value is huge. A far cry from most people who can't even be bothered to wear a mask while shopping/walking, but freely pass judgements. She was also one of the only ones to believe in Johnny Depp before courts received conclusive proof and now everyone believes in Johnny Depp.






Her opinions regarding trans people might be wrong, and she should be called out on it - but calling her a garbage human being, and reducing everything she has ever done is a far extreme that is dangerous.


That said, I will still be buying the game. I wanted a freely explorable Hogwarts game since childhood and this seems to be it (Or at least the start of it).



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7 minutes ago, adity said:

One right doesn't cancel out another wrong. Garbage human being. How tf can anyone question someone's right to existence. 


Exactly, it does not. But punishment needs to be proportional to the crime. If people are going to reduce her existance to "Zero", then what will happen once they themselves are examined? Are they themselves "Perfect"? You know the saying - "Let he who is without sin throw the first stone". And she has done far more for benefit of others than people can do within a lifetime.


The right of speech, unfortunately, also confers the right to be wrong and the right to be stupid as a side-effect

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1 hour ago, WhiteWolf said:

Ya, people dont want her to make any money of them. She getting Royalty is big NO for many. I could care less though. I never liked Harry Porter but this game looks good.


Same. Dont like Harry Potter but that game looked good! Day one!

And I dont care if she gets the money either. I didnt think her comments were hating on trans people, at least thats how it seemed to me. We can have a nuanced debate about whether a 35 year old suddenly claiming to be a woman and entering woman washrooms is a good idea or not (cases such as Jessica Yaniv raise suspicions) or whether some parents are being over reactive on these issues and changing genders of their adolescent children just because the child wore one cross-dress some day. These are complicated topics and I dont think shutting down anyone who even slightly disagrees is a good idea. It is even worse of an idea when a big chunk of public doesnt understand the nuances and sees that as an agenda being shove down their throats (and lets be honest, it is being done to quite an extent).

Went off-topic but yeah, a little more tolerance is indeed needed on the left side.


Edit: Dang. Just saw HPS's post. Do we need to move the existing posts there too?

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16 minutes ago, The Panda said:

It's either garbage or second coming these days. f**king internet. :roflroll:


People can do whatever the f**k they want. Nobody gives a f**k. Now if they are forcing their sh*t onto others, then expect some resistance.

What do you mean?

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