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God of War: Ragnarök


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36 minutes ago, CarbonCore said:

Still cant believe they managed to pull this off in 3 years. Even if it delays it couldn't be more that 4 years of dev time. We might get 2 GoW games this gen after all.

 Coz SSM is properly managed studios under one creative vision of Cory Barlog. Such studios can deliver high quality product within 3-4 years. 

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1 hour ago, Mysteryman said:

When It comes to active religions, only Hinduism has multiple Gods. As time goes by, hardline religion appears to be dying in favor of logic, humanity and science. Some follow religion for the sake of social acceptance and peer pressure. 


Not really. Religions such as Mormonism, Contemporary Paganism etc still believe in polytheism. Also, there is no relation between logic and science with religion. Many successful scientists are religious as well.

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Lol when it came up at the end of the PC I forgot everyone was sleeping and I shouted "yeeeessssssss mother f**ker" and my wife came running out of the bedroom to yell at me. Thankfully my daughters door was closed :rofl:

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i have a few questions.is kratos gonna die in ragnarok.i've this que. bcs back in GOW4's last seen at the Jötunheim mountain,we all saw a hidden mural where kratos lying on the lap of artreus.from my point of view i think artreus could be the reason of his death.


And second que. Which makes me little nervous. Is there any possibility that GOW Ragnarok would not release on ps4?.this would be bad for all ps4 gamer.lets hope for good

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