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IVG/GI Nostalgia Thread


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On 7/29/2020 at 1:32 PM, Keano said:

FIFA scene back in 2010, 11, 12 and 13 will likely never be replicated. Back to back tourneys hosted for all the regulars and newbs -  be it 1v1, 2v2, restricted formats(lower rated teams) or Football clubs. Every iteration of FIFA was like a season of football. A full fledged league, KO tournaments, end of the year awards. Everyone spent almost all nights playing till 1/2am.


@boltonfan - Omar's one touch passing. One of the first  names that comes to my mind when I think of FIFA on IVG. Played with heart, saw him stop dribbling the ball when my controller ran out of battery. 

@Stevie G - monkaS hard pressing specialist - Won three back to back player of the year awards. Congrats on winning the PL. I will never say this to any other pool fan.

@MadridistaLove - Mrinal's super aggressive Real Madrid matches.

@rad2689 - United fanboy - somehow made Rooney score headers :D

@Cash - Seeing the kid grow from learning how to makes a pass to dominate matches - so young: everyone called him Baby Glad(xXGladiatorXx PSN ID :lol:)

@dharmin - Every single match against Dharmin was a close one and had to sweat hard.

@VelivolusDas - Played with Barca - easy on the eye football, was so fun to watch him team play even when playing against him.

@hope - came late to the scene. Was fun triggering him in Chelsea vs Arsenal matches. Drogba scored header after header as hope had no idea how to clear headers. 

@TheDribbler - IVG Santa himself hosting tourney after tourney. Being a part of the FIFA tournament organizer team with Dan and Azaan was a fun experience.

@Rahul(laughordie PSN) - Was a regular and had great memories with everyone. He passed away because of an accident and it affected many FIFA regulars including me who were good friends with him. RIP bud.


We came across some pakistani FIFA players and had a India vs Pakistan tournament - which we won :happydance: Most IVG regulars took things  to heart when they lost to the players from Pakistan. Some(Sanwal, Sarwan, Aurry) of the pakistani folks even joined IVG and were active for few years. FIFA tournaments had a whole sub-forum dedicated. Spammed the sh*t outta tournament threads.


I really wish we had the capture options we have on consoles now back when we were playing on PS3. Here are some pics from the tournaments that are 10 years old! 


The season had over 143 1v1 games.



My favorite match from the FIFA era on IVG - A 4-5 loss to @Stevie G. Azaan was on a 18-0 streak at that time in the tournament. I got the chance to end it but he scored twice in final few minutes to keep the streak alive(crazy end game stats in a mirror match). In the end he was undefeated in the tourney 27-0 iirc. This happened around the same time when the Undertaker vs HBK Wrestlemania match(streak vs career) happened - was really hyped before the match. 



Saw this late, i just turned a teenager when i first interacted with you guys, joined ivg a few years later and now turning 26. Time flies! Nothing will be the same as others have said!  

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This thread was more active when it was in the general chatter section , now it’s like one of those archived threads :P 


Edit: Thanks mods for moving the thread back to general chatter :D


Still …so much fun to read all these nostalgic posts :bigyellowgrin:

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A small thing.


I remember the time UC4 got released.


FK somehow messed up their delivery system and a few people around the country got their copies a couple days before the launch. I was one of the few fortunate ones back then. The funny thing is my name on the site was Nate, and I was the only one to get one of those copies on the site.


Someone even reached out to me (Slackerninja) and made an article on it. I felt like a celebrity lol.

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