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IVG/GI Nostalgia Thread


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4 minutes ago, i_rock098 said:



The original Jigsaw Killer, he is so damn cool. Still in touch a little bit.

Also I remember you banned me in my first week in GI back in 08 :cry:

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Did I?  you must have done something real stupid, i usually was/am the last person to ban anyone. Ask the cool Jigsaw :P


2 minutes ago, dante77 said:

Another guy Sameeun is missing. Many of you know him by his gold shop lol. I know him personally, will see what's up!


Ya i am still in touch with him, shaadi ne li li uski.

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36 minutes ago, HundredProofSam said:

Haven’t been in touch with him, but last I knew he had moved to Oman. He got married to megzworld, whom he met on IVG.

Din't he introduce megz to IVG, i thought he knew her from before.

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5 hours ago, AtheK said:

12 BG santa is missing too

Oh man.....I've won 2-3 times on 12bg .....used to be so awesome.....sit overnight and keep trying your luck at the end of every hour :D

Danny is so awesome!! Much props to him for doing it for so many years.

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35 minutes ago, AtheK said:

Memories from some epic bgc meets

Anush @argruid
Rishu @dullu
Butter @Hot-Drake-Pixel
Arun @arun360
Cody @ctrl_alt_del
Cycle @cyclops
Japani @john117

Vikram @reaper

Some real good memories.



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Wow. I still remember the epic meets. Can't believe it's been so many years since we had one like these.


Athek, when the world returns to normal something needs to be done to rectify this 

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Argruid is still active :O

Salute to you man! One of the most humble and patient guy. My first tp went well because of him. Can't forget that! Despite being a new member and messed up delivery. He was very patient. Trusting a new guy ain't easy!

Most of you guys might not know him but he is one of the oldest member of IVG and doesn't post much.


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4 hours ago, CarbonCore said:

This is the link to the old forum in case someone really wants to go deep in the rabbit hole



lol so f**king nostalgic.. I had joined 360i around Feb 2007 bought X360 in June 2007 used to play on a LCD desktop monitor.. HD VGA cable was a luxury  :cry:720P game trailers was Eye Candy.. 


guys, do you remember RonakParija ?? Scammer of those time 

Found the below on Occupation Thread.. 



HundredProofSam:global mod
age- 24
occupation- journalist (copy editor),television news.
city- mumbai

Chaztin:senior member
Age - 20
occupation- Am a 2nd year BBA student & first license thats SPL for Pilot Training course holder n still going.... 

Age - 22
occupation- Bachelor of dental surgery student
City - Ludhiana (punjab)

Solid_Snake:full member
occupation- Third Year Bachelor Of Management Sciences.

Necrosys:new member
Occupation-IInd Year MBBS,SMS Med. College.

markettantrik:full member
Age - 25
Occupation - Investment Banker
City - Mumbai

Age : 23
Occupation : Software Dev
City : Pune

Age: 25
Occupation : Software Engg(Infy Tech)
City: Pune

AssassinsCreed:junior member
Age : 20
Occupation : B.Com Grad on a job hunt
City : Bengalooru

ameyc:senior member
Age- 15
Occupation- Student, ICSE Grade 10, The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon...taking IB next year.
City- New Delhi

Age- 15
Occupation- Student, CBSE Boards. Delhi Public School, Kalinga 
City- Cuttack,Orissa

age- 18
occupation- student sy.bcom.
founder www.v-street.net
city- mumbai

jackhammer06:junior member
Occupation-Student,3rd year B.COM,St. Xaviers' College


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Very few of the original FIFA players active now (which is what I exclusively played back then).
Omar, Rad, Azaan, Danny, Dabba, Avinash, Yogi, etc. Some crazy times with one of the first (if not the first) FIFA tournaments on IVG. I think it was for FIFA 09 or FIFA 10.
Also, when some of us met up for playing football.
This was the first time, IIRC:
Alsomet during the PlayStation Experience at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel. Good times!
Also, some of the "Official" IVG meet-ups didn't have anyone from the Mods/Admins so, it was just a bunch of members gathering in a gaming cafe (603, in Bandra, booked entirely by us) and then heading to The Irish House to watch some football with a few drinks. Fun times!

Bro the 603 meets was the bomb. Like literally the bomb. The best IVG meet ever. Then we went to Irish pub to watch that Chelsea match there and I remember that pub was filled with crazy Chelsea fans. And then the McDonald's trip after that.

Amazing fun times.

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34 minutes ago, argruid said:

Wow. I still remember the epic meets. Can't believe it's been so many years since we had one like these.


Athek, when the world returns to normal something needs to be done to rectify this 

Yes way too long, i know atleast you , me dullu and sandeep can definitely meet.

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Just now, Assassins Creed said:

Check Arguid signature, @AtheK Sony Fan then, now an Xbox Fan :thumbsup:

Ha Ha no man, i just have fun with the kids now, if the entire world is going to go Sony Sony some one needs to ,maintain balance. For me i hardly get time to game now, i visit IVG also mainly for GC now. It's just ganging up on one console supporter is not funny anymore. Ya we know XBOX sucks at this point, but it's ok, they are trying.


All i care about is my bikes now :P



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I do remember the April Fool's joke about IVG selling off. That was epic! And it resulted in some epic meltdowns lol


I joined the 360indians back in 2006. I came across the forum while trying to find a way to buy a grey market modded 360 because it hadnt launched yet. 


I think the forum was created because Sam or some other guys were banned from the official Xbox forums. 



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1 minute ago, Bird Bird Bird said:

@Keyofx and @Alpha in Bangalore too.

Keyofx used to stay very low profile, never came for meets, i met him few times though. Alpha is in bangalore, din't know, maybe find him and call him for a meet. Remember meeting @Ne0 also once.

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Yeah I started default_sSc_spin.gif because everyone started taking it so seriously. I think we also created factions within the mods and admins. Some were for the sale and some were against. I remember the rage spilling into by PMs

I don't know if you remember there was a competition called spam the sam where we had to post sh*t about you to win some steam games. Like make memes on your photo, copy your style etc.

I actually won that if I remember and spammed you so bad [emoji14]. Infact my IVG signature comes from that thread. You had a habit of writing peace at the end of every post back then and i modified that to peace :nono: havok and spammed that signature so bad in that thread.

Damn those were good times.

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