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Secret Santa 2020 Gifts Thread


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13 hours ago, Assassins Creed said:

Physics ki text books mein bhejtha hoon.. Kidding.. but watch the movie for the action scenes alone..

Already done in theaters bhai . Nolan apna Fav he (i have watched interstellar 5-6 times also thanks to hans zimmer). Now its time for my family to know that why should they stop asking me "Movie ki story kya thi" lmao XD.

I had to watch it twice to understand basic ab teesri baar dekhunga tab pata chalega :rofl:

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On 12/31/2020 at 12:57 PM, wickedbl0ke said:

Moar on the way!

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@wickedbl0ke I got a notification from my previous landlord that I have some mail and packages that were delivered earlier this week. We moved to a new home earlier this week and will pickup mail this weekend :D



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@wickedbl0ke - Received this awesome Ana Funko pop and a leather bound journal :wub: Thank you very much for the gifts and I hope you and and your family had good time during the holidays :hug:


Apologies for taking this long to post the pictures. We moved to a new home in the last week of December and it took forever to get everything unpacked at the new place. Tried best to be prepared for the move but no one can prepare you for a move involving a one year old :P 


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