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33 minutes ago, mohit9206 said:
49 minutes ago, KunjanPSD said:
Pharma is not a single sector.
It has 10 different variants. 
Understand the business because otherwise your Pharma stocks might not perform.

Yeah you're right. I only have Cipla. Haven't purchased anything else.

Cipla is actually better placed than most Big Pharma guys.

But it's gonna be tough for everyone.

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48 minutes ago, dante77 said:

I am thinking of getting Nykaa IPO, I see a lot of growth in it. What are your thoughts?

For listing gains it is good but valuations wise, it is out of whack.

I was expecting it to hit at around 10x sales and it is coming at 23x sales while other global companies in same sector listed around 3-4x at the same stage.

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5 minutes ago, Bhpian Bali said:

Vro taxes. If you were to sell sgb today it would fetch lower than 4711. You wont be able to sell sgb for 4950.

1. I wont even pay LTGC LTCG on it if I have to pay it myself. I pay enough taxes already :ranting: 

2. You get 2.5 % interest as well.

3. No Tax implication if you hold them for 8 years. 

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