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The Stock Market thread


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Bhai you're in for the long run so just avg the price when it goes too low. 
Yeah. That is why not that worried. Thanks bro!

Although, long run for most of the stocks. Some, I will sell and keep doing this for interest [emoji14] Biocon, Borosil and Adani is short term.

Keep this thread running guys. We are all need it [emoji14]
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2 hours ago, KnackChap said:

Can you sell SGB? I don't think so. It's also giving you tax free interest so there's that too. 


yes you can sell your sgb if you have them in your demat account. interest is not tax free the LTCG is tax free after maturity.




2 hours ago, Da Gabru said:

1. I wont even pay LTGC LTCG on it if I have to pay it myself. I pay enough taxes already :ranting: 

2. You get 2.5 % interest as well.

3. No Tax implication if you hold them for 8 years. 



my point was that if you buy SGB today @4700 ish and the market rate is 4950. you wont be able to sell SGB at market price. there is always a 2000 rs difference between market price and sgb. so once you are alloted the sgb @ 4700 and you immediately decide to sell it then the price you will get is lower than market price. sab log yehi karte baithte nahi toh. easy money hota sabke liye. 



also i am myself have decent sgb holdings. but wahi sip mai dalta toh paisa hi paisa hota. 

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16 minutes ago, sumanth said:

There goes Deepak nitrate😕


Waiting for same levels myself to add some more. Big bearish momentum last week so it might come in that range soon. 


Also keep n eye on Britannia. 3.55 - 3.4 is buying range. 

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3 hours ago, sumanth said:

There goes Deepak nitrate😕

There will be dips. 

But read up about the business, you need to know the story. Deepak is mainly bulk biz right now and will be benefited by high commodity prices but that bulk biz is not sustainable.

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