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The Stock Market thread


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1 hour ago, DinJo said:

Not sure why you purchase mf via coin they tie up with your demat so if you want to close demat anytime in future it's a hassle

This. I didn't see any real benefits in doing it that way either.


Had a an SIP fund go through on Friday through Kuvera, will know on Monday if it's processed.

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Is there any good app that has a decent widget on Android? Need to track stocks and MFs both, tracking NPS is a plus. I don't mind adding my purchases manually on the app, just needs to have decent widget capabilities.... 

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45 minutes ago, El Tigre Chino said:

There's something strange. Transaction triggered on 1st April and I'm getting NAV date of 6th April. Should be today's NAV yeah?

What was the payment mode & investment type (SIP/Lumpsum)?

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16 hours ago, KunjanPSD said:

PF back over 50% after a long time but this time the capital is 50% more as compared to pre-Dec 2021.

Those reactions have to be some kinda record. :P



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Hey guys -  I add to three funds : The UTI Nifty Index Fund, the MO S&P 500 Index Fund, and the MO Large and Midcap Fund.


Anyway - for the first and third I have been buying more when I can. But for the S&P 500 fund - the Coin app only shows me the 'redeem' option. Its not letting me buy more.


Anyone know why that is?

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