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[Mumbai] PS5 Buyers Thread

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All interested buyers please post here along with which edition. We can also use this to share info on which retailers have or are getting stock.


List of interested buuyers:

@HundredProofSam (Standard - Ordered)

@Snake (Standard - Skipped)

@CarbonCore (Digital - Waiting)

@nash (Standard - Ordered)

@hope (Standard - Ordered)

@dylanjosh (Standard - ???)

@KrIzAliD (Standard - Ordered)

@hussain (Standard - Still looking)

@kittoo (Standard - Ordered)


Members still looking to buy:







List of authorised (Indian version) retailers:


PS5 preorders 100% confirmed

Shop at Sony Center



Reliance Digital

Games The Shop

Vijay Sales



Other authorised Sony retailers (preorder confirmation awaited)



Ninja Games

Jai Ganesh Games, Movies & More, Viviana Mall

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Just now, HundredProofSam said:

Either this source took it for 17k at gunpoint or is BSing you. 17K is lower than the base import cost of the console The PlayStation India country head can't get it for that less even for his own kids.

BSing for sure. Anyway his infos were false as well :P


So the Mumbai ones cant be shipped to Pune? 

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22 minutes ago, HundredProofSam said:

I've spoke with these guys. They'll only be able to tell us about bulk orders once Sony gives quantity allocations to retailers at some point before the 12th.

Ok. Thanks.


Standard Edition for me :)

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Mumbai buyers living in suburbs or closer to thane can try the game store at Viviana mall. Pretty reliable guy and keeps all legit sony stuff and is open for midnight launchs. You can add his number on WA to see his catalogue. 


Jai Ganesh game store.



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