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[Bangalore/South] PS5 Buyers Thread


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3 minutes ago, Agent 47 said:

Rest of the guys who ordered from Amazon. Need an update from them as well.


1 minute ago, Assassins Creed said:


Cat food order karo


Pray Season 9 GIF by The Big Bang Theory


Looking at how it's going, I hope they actually ship the PS5 and not a shitton of cat litter instead. 

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1 hour ago, kruzzo said:

I was talking about a cat lol,

Any way back to topic its good Amazon is finally shipping orders to Bangalore.
We will get to know by end of the day or by early tomorrow morning if they are shipping by bulk or just randomly.

source ?

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6 hours ago, AtheK said:
Ok so the one who still waiting on Amazon to ship, specifically bangalore, please keep adding your name. 
1. [mention=584]AtheK[/mention]
2. [mention=13196]quixote_1989[/mention]

I am also waiting for Amazon standalone order.

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40 minutes ago, TouchyFever said:

Quick update: Had ordered spare PS5 controller from Amazon and it finally got dispatched at 12.30 AM.

So maybe they are finally shipping now, please check.

Also got PS5 delivered by Flipkart yesterday morning itself.


Accessories were shipping without any issues via 2 day prime 

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19 hours ago, Assassins Creed said:

Amazon - Bangalore and South Folks..


Has anyone's needle moved beyond "Preparing for Dispatch" ?

Mine was shipped on 3rd, to reach here by Sunday per the current status.

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