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What you bought this week - 2021 edition


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8 hours ago, Agent 47 said:


Where did you get the headset from?

Playstation direct


7 hours ago, Nathan.Drake said:

Damn, Special edition sealed copy 😊👌🏻
they went OOS very quickly

yeah it is priced double or triple on amazon and elsewhere. Luckily saw it on PS Direct for the regular price. :D

I think it still might be available.  

yep it is. 



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Just now, wickedbl0ke said:

Yea....not buying that.
No one has been flying so much for over a year.
Your bank would be loving you.

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Lol why would he lie? He could've had those lying around for a while or maybe had the croma vouchers from before. 

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20 hours ago, HundredProofSam said:


Have been hesitant to bite the bullet for XM3 due to bad reviews on mic even though it was for 18K

If possible, Can you please check and tell if this one's good for taking office calls? would it block noises from far away (for ex, construction site noise, ) while on a call ?. 

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