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Battlefield 2042


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9 hours ago, Joe Cool said:

They already tried SP multiple times and turned garbage only. Total waste. Rather they improved MP and expanded it. 


3, 4, Hardline, V all had bad campaigns. Even the length kept getting shorter with each. V had 3 SP missions... 


Only BF1 had a good campaign out of last 5 BF games and that was due to war stories and not traditional campaign. 

I really liked the campaign of bf3 and right now I’m revisiting bf1 just to play the campaign and wow the campaign is so damn good!

shame that they’re giving up on.SP campaigns 

ah well ….more focus on making MP better I guess


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1 hour ago, KrIzAliD said:

optimized?  isnt this a next gen title? 




It can mean a lot of things.



Games featuring the Optimised for Xbox Series X|S icon will showcase unparalleled load-times, heightened visuals and steadier framerates at up to 120FPS. These include new titles built natively using the Xbox Series X|S development environment as well as previously released titles that have been rebuilt specifically for Xbox Series X|S.


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5 hours ago, Joe Cool said:



Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer has more likes in 12 hours than the total dislikes BFV reveal trailer amassed over 3 years. Trending #1 worldwide. :thumbsup:



So many 'This is Battlefield' moments. 😌




the original epic synced

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Can't believe they made a trailer out of Only in Battlefield moments.

Would have preferred a "traditional" trailer instead, but thank god they're back in the modern era with sorta futuristic things.


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8 hours ago, radicaldude said:


Making an MP only game is okay. Charging $70 for it is not. 


Atleast for $70 sony mostly gives you an unforgettable single player experience (leaving niche titles like demons souls, returnal etc.) However, MP experiences mostly depend on your skill level/your team's skill level/your opponents skill levels/ other factors. 

Coz MP offers more value than SP? MP = endless content for you to play.  Charging 70 for SP only game is ethically wrong and we all know which company is notorious for charging 70 for SP only games. 


If you can pay 70$ for games like Returnal and Sackboy then why can't EA charge 70 for legendary franchise like BF?



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Also, They giving you free map packs and all.



70$ is a new  norm. People should accept it and stop complaining about it. I used to complain about it but now i accepted it



MS will do same soon 

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