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Battlefield 2042


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23 hours ago, Joe Cool said:



Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer has more likes in 12 hours than the total dislikes BFV reveal trailer amassed over 3 years. Trending #1 worldwide. :thumbsup:



So many 'This is Battlefield' moments. 😌

That music :wub:

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Just now, dylanjosh said:

That was such a crazy trailer holy sh*t. I've never played BF before and it has me very enticed.


I'm really turned off by the steep price though. Dont want to spend 3499 on something I'm not sure I'll like. :( 


I am falling for the same kind of thing for their past two games and they both were sh*t.... :furious:

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On 6/10/2021 at 3:08 PM, WhiteWolf said:

Coz MP offers more value than SP? MP = endless content for you to play.  Charging 70 for SP only game is ethically wrong and we all know which company is notorious for charging 70 for SP only games. 


If you can pay 70$ for games like Returnal and Sackboy then why can't EA charge 70 for legendary franchise like BF?




WTF :rofl:

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25 minutes ago, AnK said:

So the only way you can buy on PS4 & ensure a PS5 upgrade is to buy the Gold edition which is £90/$100 


it includes Year 1 season pass 


What a ch***** decision 


Why would anyone who hasn't played much battlefield mp  before spend 100 dollars based on a trailer that looks scripted. 


Ea surely is overconfident! 

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