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FIFA21: The Open Tourney


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On 8/9/2021 at 3:02 AM, ash_ said:

Played Nathan and won 3-2 in the finals. Wasn't able to record the game but uploaded the highlights:


Amazingly played Nathan and a very fun game. Thank you so much Bharat bhai for organizing the tourney and you hard work. I think my first tournament in like 7 years and very happy to win it.

For first 8 games, it never looked like you would even make the top 4, but you have got your mojo back. Congratulations champion :thumbsup:


23 hours ago, SarwaanM said:

Thank you Bharat Bhai for all your hard work :hug:


12 hours ago, Ulags said:

Great game bro! Will never forget our buttery smooth 10 ms games ever! Congrats on the title! Thanks to @bharat_SS for organizing! Got a lot of good friends because of these tourneys! 

 I am glad you guys are enjoying the tourneys. Az and I feel lucky to have you guys along, keep playing more and more tourneys whenever you have time.

Work has already started on the next one, will start the thread soon. :bigyellowgrin:

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