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Tokyo Olympics 2020 (2021) thread.


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7 hours ago, KnackChap said:


Damn this is so painful to watch. ?

But that coach is a true leader, love the way he took and phone from rani and spoke to modi (almost telling him to hang up) when the girls were choking up. 

The coach wasnt crying but his eyes said it all. Damn that was hard to watch man . But they did well i can already see my female freinds waking up in the morning to watch the match . Very well played. 


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1 hour ago, KnackChap said:


They still couldn't qualify for the finals despite the records. Sums up the Olympic well for us tbh. We might not have won much but our athletes are punching well above their weight and everyday we're getting new champions.



True this definitely has been a better show, and also people have noticed and backed athletes. We have our keyboard warriors who will criticize everything while eating pop corn, but on a whole it was much more positive vines from the country, this should give them encouragement for next olympics.

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11 hours ago, Rey said:

Not to forget Aditi Ashok is in medal contention as well (Golf). At second place, just 3 shots behind the leader. Just needs one good round tomorrow.


Such a nail biting match. Heartbreaking result at the end :(

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