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Some sledge stuff which happened yesterday I picked from Reddit-

On Cricbuzz commentary it was written that bumrah said " I am not asking to bowl them slow, Anderson has been playing for 16 years and still asks to bowl slow when he comes on to bat" something along these lines.

Kohli to Butler “Don’t worry about him, this is not white ball cricket”
This was because when India were batting Buttler said - "only 2 to Shami" which meant just 2 wickets to Shami who will gift his wicket away.

Someone to Robinson to a silly shot he played “ What a shot, what a shot”

Kohli said to one of the umpires that "they (English players) got away with a lot of things, I am not going to hold back my boys". This was when Robinson and Butler were at the crease.

Kohli when Robinson came in:
“How boring was your innings. Playing for survival at home every test match. Come on big mouth”

Then in another instance Kohli to Robinson just before he got out :
“Pujji, he was laughing at me when I missed a cover drive. Can’t even look at me now. So weak willed.
Don’t even think of playing outside England with 122 klicks.”

I don't think Indian team could have won yesterday if Kohli wasn't super charged up. He made sure intensity wasn't dropped a single minute and every wicket was a festival. Even Rohit, Rahane and Pujara who are usually cool and calm were fully animated during Shami/Bumrah partnership when they were sledged and Bumrah was bombarded by bouncers and also during the whole England batting.

Even Rahul said in post match - If you come after one of us, whole 11 of us will come after you.

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