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11 minutes ago, KnackChap said:

what too much cricket? most of our stars only play ipl and even pick and choose international matches. some only play overseas matches or some just home matches. they dont play domestic cricket or county or any other overseas leagues and are still injured half the year. compare this with players who play t20 leagues world over and are still ready to go most of the time.



Most of the time I hear Kohli, bumrah, Rohit, Jadeja are resting. Even odi against SA all are on rest. Look at Pant, people make fun of him but he rarely ever misses a match due to fitness, same for Kohli. Rohit is half the year on injured list. KL is joining him since sometime. 


I think NCA is main culprit. Even Shastri was lambasting them in an interview. They aren't able to do rehabilitation of players in a good way.

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This is exactly what I meant, Players are more focused on making money and playing IPL. KL Rahul has been amongst the highest run scorer in past 5 seasons, But would get injured just after IPL is over. 


BCCI should really think of cutting down IPL rather than expanding it and Each team plays other team once is enough. All focus should be on playing in the overseas conditions, We have toured ENG & AUS every year but SA-NZ only once in maybe last 3 years. Which results in our batsmen sh*tting whenever there is a little bit of swing. 

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Let's not blame the bowlers too much. Even Rabada, Nokia, ngidi touched 50. It was flattest of tracks with relatively smaller square boundaries. 


Arsh had an off day at death which happens to bumrah also. Harshal is a concern as his bowling form is down since he is back from injury. But the replacement like Siraj or Shami aren't great too so we are stuck. 


Australia is a different ball game. Grounds are big and these 68 meter sixes won't fly there. I hope we can somehow play Bishnoi as he brings a lot of variety.

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2 hours ago, KnackChap said:

excited about the ODIs. except for Dhawan its a whole new team esp the batting. 

For the life of me I can't understand why Shaw isn't in the squad. 56 average with 126 SR. There is no other opener who is doing this. He needs to have someone's nudes just like chahal has to be in team.

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Whats the point of resting Rahul ? 
He just seemed to get back to form last match. Should have played him instead of iyer.


Iyer not even in the squad. Should have played Deepak Hooda atleast. 

dint make sense. 

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