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All 4 teams played better than others when needed we can say but Pak got lucky. They should thank SA for their eternal choke in ICC tournaments. 


Semi finals will be exciting. No one can predict who will win. We may find it tougher cos England bats really deep and our batting line up relies heavily on Kohli and SKY. I will persist with Pant. He got out today to a freak catch but that was a good hit and we need that Intent against England. Plus his keeping is A class and he is a big match player who can turn things around when you least expect them. Only if DK had done anything in last 4 matches it would be easy to recommend him. 


Ideally we should play Chahal against England who are quite weak against leg spin. But, he has no match practice. So, barring injury same bowling attack will play.


Hardik is a big worry. He has completely forgotten his hitting abilities. We need a finisher and we need him to strike a few. 


On paper England are favorite so I am keeping expectations low but hopeful our experience may take us through.

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Unbelievable results, I couldn't have imagined SA losing to Netherlands before the match. Cricket and life...two unpredictable things.


Pakistan has indeed been lucky in this tournament, exactly like they were in the 1992. They were certainly not a great team then, or now. But still go through to the SF. 





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