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7 hours ago, silentassassin said:

Ths is best ignored.
Everything is already over. Virat is no longer captain, Ganguly no longer chairman.

Chethan Sharma should be sacked immediately.
BCCI should get a grip on their staff. Too many leaks to media last few years 


He should have been sacked previously even before the sting operation. The fact is BCCI sh*t organization with zero professionalism, bureaucracy and no transparency. This has been case from long time and never improved.

The fact that they changed the venue of 3rd test of a marque series in the middle of the series without even acknowledging the fans in their statement says a lot about them. 

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11 hours ago, Big Boss said:



Venkatash continued:
His inclusion is deliberately denying talented guys, in form guys an opportunity to be in the 11. Shikhar had a test avg of 40+ , Mayank has of 41+ with 2 double hundreds, Shubhman Gill in sublime form, Sarfaraz never ending wait.. Many domestic performances constantly ignored.
His inclusion shakes belief in Justice. SS Das had great potential,so did S Ramesh,both avgd 38+but did not get beyond 23 test matches. Rahul’s consistent inclusion gives an impression of lack of batting talent in India which isn’t true. Last 5 years his avg is below 27 in 47 inn
As per me ,he is currently not amongst the current 10 best opener’s in India but is being given endless chances. Guys like Kuldeep Yadav put in man of the match performances and next game are dropped with theories like Horses for courses. In any course ,KL is not a horse. Sad

Gavaskar on KL:
"He doesn't know whether to go back or come forward. With KL Rahul, he takes his front foot across and the ball is turning into you, you have to play with a straight bat but when you take your front foot across like that you are left with no choice but to play with an angled bat. The chances of you missing the ball are more. Rohit takes the front foot away, so he allows the bat to come around and play the ball in front of the pad. That's why you see Rohit Sharma look so secure and why Rahul looks tentative,"

Waugh: "I think KL Rahul has just to back himself a little bit. He is scared of getting out. You cannot bat that way, you've got to be confident in your own ability. He is just restricting himself. I'd love to see him bat freely and not worry about getting out,"

Manjrekar: "By aggression, I don't mean he defends three balls and looks to hit a six in the fourth. I want him to be able to bat freely like Virat Kohli starts looking from ones and twos from ball one. That's the way you become successful. You have to be proactive. When you are worried about getting out, your natural instincts get shackled.


And after all this I expect to see him in 3rd test too due to shitty team management  ?

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