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Didn't watch the SA innings and only read online about whatever transpired.


Usually I support Kohli and his antics but here I feel he is wrong. If he and Ashwin were miffed with DRS go and take it with the umpires and match referee. Their comments were absolutely uncalled for especially when Hawkeye is an independent product and nothing to do with the broadcaster. SA have been a gracious host and the team has played in such good spirit all series. I hope match referee do reprimand these guys although BCCI clout and good relations with SA board may save them. 


Also, KL Rahul should first start performing in crucial must win games rather than open his mouth against a whole country. If he is trying to imitate Kohli just cos he is Vice Captain then he is gonna fall flat very soon. Kohli and Ashwin atleast have numerous match winning contributions in a decade and are outspoken personality while KL has nothing to boost.

Match is in 70-30 SA favor but I am very disappointed by the behaviour of Indian team this time.

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Kohli and gang should be punished for this behaviour, totally uncalled for and ridiculous sportsmanship, he should be angry on himself for playing two out of form players then on anyone else.


if we lose this series today it is absolutely because of stupid team selection, how many times will bowlers bail you out. Rahul also needs to put his head down and concentrate on his batting, both the openers were crap in this match.

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I like them both, but hard to justify their spots now.


That said, these two are not the sole reasons for our failures. Other than the first day of the series our batting has been consistently poor and that includes everyone. Only managed to take 3 wickets defending 200+ in last 2 Tests, in sharp contrast to the first innings of both Tests. 

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