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17 hours ago, KnackChap said:

Ok boys were on pg 71. No more discussion till virat get his ton next match. 

lets lock the thread down for a few months to a year for that to happen :P

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Until Rohit drops him from T20 team citing injury :P


RCB must be thinking why the f**k did we retain him :P


On another note, rohit sharma looked pretty worked up as captain in last match losing his cool on Thakur I think, very unlike of him, guess pressure showing up and two failures to boot too.

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Will be very surprised if chahar goes for anything less than 10~12 cr tomorrow. 


2 minutes ago, Big Boss said:

Why are they alternating between Chahar and Thakur? Just play them both. They are probably better batsmen than our top order.


Yeah and none of them are pinch hitters or have bad technique. Infact Shardul plays very straight most of the times and needs proper grooming and better shot selection (less Ariel shots)

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Good recovery twice in the innings.

Chahar was amazing. Great knock. 
Sundar was also decent, Sundar has good technique, if he works on his power hitting, he can be a really good batsman. 


Feel bad for Iyer. He has always performed when given opportunity, but is hardly considered for any format. 

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24 minutes ago, harsh1387 said:

Prasidh has been quite impressive this series. If developed properly he can be a good asset. Easy win again. Windies have been so mediocre.


All set for Auction fun tomorrow. Gonna be fun to see Punjab self destructing again ?

But Yeh to bata kohli kaunse mood main tha aaj ?

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