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43 minutes ago, Felix the cat said:

What is that,do you know?

It's a face mask normally worn by footballers to offer extra protection to face, after they had nose or face surgery. He worn only during bowling though, not during fielding. 

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16 hours ago, KnackChap said:



Yo Wtf. Could end up being a new accessory for bowlers soon. 


Age hasn't been kind to him. Was a handsome young lad, the last time he played for India. 



He got hit on his face in his follow through in Ranjhi match.
Had to undergo surgery.

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I still can't believe what I witnessed. SRH had great partnership, then lost wickets and looked lost. Suddenly their young guy smashed Ferguson for 25(?) runs in last over. Rashid Khan was smashed everywhere.


Then Saha of all people suddenly started smashing SRH everywhere. Umran Malik then destroyed GT batting with unbelievable bowling. 5 for 25. Almost unplayable bowling. One bowled wicket was at speed of 152.9 kmph. Then suddenly Tewatia and Rashid Khan destroyed the SRH bowling. Smashed Natrajan who went wicketless first time in this IPL. And smashed 25 runs of last over of Jansen who destroyed RCB in last match. 


Holy sh*t.

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