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[LIB] Hades (PS5)

rushab oswal

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6 minutes ago, SuperT said:

@rushaboswal Finished it ? Great donation bro :thumbsup: 

I would like to borrow it but I am out of station for work and will be back on 3rd Sept. if no one wants it before that I will ping you once I am back.

Nah not possible because of less time to kill each boss each run XD and sure ping me once you're free.

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7 minutes ago, shadowperson11 said:

@rushaboswal Hi, if you have finished it I could borrow the game maybe. I am new to the forum so dont really know how this works ?

You have to be a member of the IVG library for it . Read pinned post of the section.
Basically you have to donate a game (Approved by the mods) To be a member.

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29 minutes ago, 0verlord said:

have you beaten Hades 10 times? that's supposed to be the completion of the game

I know - but no man,  don't have the time to do that I beat hades thrice. Too many games and very less time as wfh has stopped. :wallbash:


Plus I think I went overboard just playing Hades for the past 20 days everyday and got burned-out so now it is not fun anymore for me. BTW for the true-true ending of the game it's more than 10, people have reported 20 escapes unlock more of the story don't know if it is true. 


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