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Sealed Apple Airpods For Sale , local pickup only


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Hi , looking to sell my Sealed Apple Airpods, with a Bill directly from Apple India and Warranty applicable till 12th September 2022. 


LOCAL PICKUPS ONLY -- Buyer can open the seal and inspect the item before we complete the deal. 


Location : Pune , Maharashtra ( Send me a PM for price and my address if interested ) 



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25 minutes ago, l33tmaniac said:

@arjun_sasuke When the guidelines say you can't sell sealed items on TP, it means it's not allowed in the forum :lol:


Doesn't mean you can create a thread elsewhere


@KnackChap @Assassins Creed

Yeah but the guidelines have been updated , sealed items can be posted in the "Deals" section.


Either way , if the mods feel like this is a grey area , i can delete the post. 

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Feel free to post in Deals or respective console thread that you wish to sell X product and deal via PM if anyone gets back to you. No pictures should be shared on the post and dealing should happen via PM. Be cautious dealing with new or unknown members.

Reiterating this again, it means post in those threads, not Crete a separate thread in deals section, sorry if that was not clear.


Locking this thread for now. Do not create separate sale threads.


Post it here:




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