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Yamaha's crazy new 4 wheeler concept


From Autoblog






Yamaha has just announced that it will be bringing a bevy of new motorcycle and scooter models to the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. One of the more interesting concepts, which we'll roughly refer to as a motorcycle, is the Tesseract. Piaggio has a success on their hands in the form of the MP3, which is capable of leaning into turns despite the third wheel. Yamaha has one-upped that with its Tesseract, though, by adding yet one more whee,l bringing the total count to four. And yet, nobody would confuse this machine with a car!


Again, following Piaggio's lead with its impending hybrid MP3, Yamaha has made this concept a hybrid, boasting both a V-Twin engine of undisclosed size along with an electric motor. Yamaha claims that the machine is about the same width as a standard motorcycle, meaning lane-splitting could feasibly remain an option and parking shouldn't be too difficult. The Tesseract has also been equipped with a mechanism to keep the machine upright when stopped or when parked, once again, like the MP3. As for the styling? It's, uh... different! Imagine a Transformer half transformed and you'll be pretty darn close. And we love it!



Visit this link for more pics



Reminds beauty and sleekness reminds me of Halo 3....moreover its built resembles to " Mongoose " !



Lamborghini Embolado Concept by Luca Serafini




We don’t know why, but the first thing we thought of when we saw these photos was a shark. Doesn’t really look like Lamborghini’s bull, but it’s definitely aggressive. So, what’s this, you might ask? Well, it’s the Lamborghini Embolado concept car created by Luca Serafini, student in final year of the Industrial Design Course at the University of Parma, Italy. And it’s a cool concept, not like the Lamborghini Alar, which we presented a few months ago and which was hideous.


When Luca designed the concept, he thought of it as a replacement for the current Gallardo model and the whole design starts from the Gallardo. The name Embolado comes from a Spanish festival, named “Embolado Bull” (or Toro Embolado). Luca even created a Superleggera version of the Embolado. Of course, probably Lamborghini will never take this seriously, but still, it’s a great design. You can also check Luca Serafini’s page on deviantart.


More pics here : http://www.autounleashed.com/photos/thumbnails.php?album=3


Appears better then " Spyder "!

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Nissan with a Gold Plated Engine




Engine bays are notoriously difficult to keep clean. With a gold plated engine apparently it is much easier. Gold plating is resistant to dirt, corrosion and other grime! Its a good reason to upgrade the security on your car though. If the boys are arguing over their red top, blue top and black top engines you will silence them all with this gold topped one.




The engine has been overlayed with 23.5 carat gold - not the sort of thing you find in your average Nissan.

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Bugatti Veyron v/s Eurofighter Typhoon


Richard Hammond from the Top Gear TV Show (the same one that has tied up with Sony for Gran Turismo TV in GT 5) races a Veyron against a fighter jet


(This guy will never learn. Last year he nearly died when he crashed a drag racer on the show.)



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Bugatti Veyron v/s Eurofighter Typhoon


Richard Hammond from the Top Gear TV Show (the same one that has tied up with Sony for Gran Turismo TV in GT 5) races a Veyron against a fighter jet


(This guy will never learn. Last year he nearly died when he crashed a drag racer on the show.)


Nice vid. And I think it was equal parts greediness and the blown right tire which lead to the crash. Somehow he is one who is always in these kind of stunts on top gear, what with he sitting in a car for a man vs. machine freezing (low temperature) test...among other stuff!

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510HP ROUSH P-51A Mustang Pays Tribute To P-51 Mustang


During World War II, the P-51 Mustang was hailed as a savior of aviation and certainly played a major part in ending the conflict. This long range fighter escorted Allied bombers over Europe and Hermann Goering, the head of Germany’s Luftwaffe, summarized the plane’s role by stating, “The day I saw P-51 Mustangs flying over Berlin, I knew the jig was up.” Today, at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the jig is up for the rest of the Ford Mustang tuners as ROUSH Performance unveiled the P-51A Mustang automobile which, at 510 horsepower and 510 lb.-ft. of torque, is sure to be held in as high a regard as the airplane has been in the history books and will help to save the streets from the invasion of the foreign brands.


“I’ve often said that there was never a Mustang built that I didn’t like and that includes both the car and the airplane,” said Jack Roush, an aviation enthusiast who currently owns two P-51 Mustang warbirds. “This is the type of product that ROUSH has wanted to produce for at least 10 years but the right platform, the right technology, and the right timing never intersected until now.”

Roush P-51A Mustang. Click image for more high resolution pictures.




The ROUSH P-51A is easily the highest horsepower Mustang that the company has ever produced, and represents the first time that internal engine components have been upgraded by ROUSH technicians in their Livonia, Mich., facility. It was determined that the only way to give the P-51A moniker its due was to completely break into the 4.6L, 3V and rebuild several of the functional internal components, which include a forged steel eight-bolt crankshaft, forged aluminum pistons with increased dish to lower the compression from 9:8 to 8:6, and forged steel H-Beam connecting rods. These upgraded parts were necessary for the stock Ford engine (which comes with 300 horsepower from the factory) to be able to withstand the additional power generated from the newest iteration of the legendary ROUSHchargerTM supercharger system.


Additional alterations include a custom aluminum upper and lower intake manifold for the high capacity air-to-water intercooler and ROUSHchargerTM. ROUSH installs a custom fuel rail and high-flow fuel injectors, a high-flow capacity fuel system, as well as a dual electronic throttle body.


The new ROUSH P-51A engine has a preliminary rating of at least 510 horsepower and 510 lb.-ft. torque. It is anticipated that final figures may even be slightly higher than this when final testing and calibration is approved by the ROUSH engineering staff.


The changes to the ROUSH P-51A don’t end under the hood. A ROUSH aerobody kit will be installed, which includes a front fascia, chin spoiler, hood scoop and rear spoiler. The ROUSH black high-flow grill is added along with cooling side shields to give the car the aggressive look it needs while stalking the streets.


Internally the car will come with ROUSH sport leather seating and custom floor mats, both with an embroidered P-51A emblem. The white face gauges and billet aluminum pedals will get a lot of use as the driver bangs through the gears with the ROUSH short throw shift lever and retro black ball.


For those who look behind the 18-inch ROUSH forged five-spoke wheels will see the vaunted Stage 3 suspension underneath this vehicle. Designed to handle even the tightest twists and turns, this suspension includes specially-engineered and tuned front struts, rear shocks, front and rear springs, front and rear sway bars and jounce bumpers. The front brakes are also upgraded with 14-inch front two-piece rotors and four-piston calipers. Each component was specifically engineered so that ride comfort was not compromised at the expense of the tremendous gains in performance.


As an interesting side note, the yellow and red accent colors on the vehicle come from those used by the 357th Fighters Group, Eighth Air Force ETO (European Theater Operations) who were unofficially known as “The Yoxford Boys” after a village near their base. Its victory totals in air-to-air combat are the most of any P-51 group in the Eighth Air Force and third among all groups fighting in Europe. The 357th flew 313 combat missions between February 11, 1944 and April 25, 1945 and is officially credited by the US Air Force with having destroyed 595.5 German airplanes in the air and 106.5 on the ground. Pilots in this group included Captain Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson who flew a P-51 named “Old Crow.” One of Roush’s personal P-51 fighters is painted as a replica of this airplane.


Pricing for the ROUSH P-51A Mustang has not been set, but will be announced shortly. The vehicle is slated to begin production in the first quarter of 2008 and will be limited to 100 vehicles. As with all ROUSH vehicles, the P-51A will carry an industry-leading 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

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Rocket Car - 0-343 in 2.5 seconds. Powered by steam! watch!


This is a super heated steam powered rocket car. See below for more details on how it works. A pressurised (500PSI) tank will allow you to super heat water to 250 degrees C. When you release that water to normal atmospheric pressure, the water will instantly flash to steam. With a correct nozzle, this can be used as massive forward thrust.


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Is the VW Space Up! interface developed by Apple?


From Engadget







Nice interior huh? And how 'bout that 7-inch touchscreen display slapped onto the center console. Pretty sweet right? You're looking at the inside of VW's third iteration of their Space Up! -- the Space Up! blue -- just revealed at the LA auto show. Now try this on. Reader Joona wonders if this is the result of recent collaborations between Apple and VW. After thinking about it some, we're starting to wonder too. As Autoblog describes it, the concept touchscreen monitor "controls all conceivable functions" and is meant to demonstrate how future human-machine interfaces might look and operate. The touchscreen (no mention of multi-touch support) uses proximity sensors to react to gestures, apparently, without actually touching the display. The user can simply touch the "main menu carousel" to navigate to the desired category or manipulate the system with simple hand gestures near the display. Autoblog says, "Visually, this control is just as spectacular as it is intuitive." Now, chew on this for a second. VW announced earlier this week that all new VW models in 2008 2009 will have touchscreens. Is this what Apple has in store for us at January's MacWorld?








I can see very many accidents on account of this



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The 2008 Saleen S302E Mustang


From Mustang Evolution




New for 2008, the car is affectionately known as the “Extreme” boasts a Saleen-built 302 cubic inch engine augmented by a patented Saleen twin-screw, intercooled supercharger. The combination delivers an unprecedented 620 bhp and 600 lb-ft of neck-snapping, tire incinerating torque.



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Speculation: Ferrari FS 599 Fuoristrada SUV








Lamborghini already had an SUV for sale more than 25 years ago and today Porsche's Cayenne is a global success. Ferrari hesitated for a long time but has now decided to develop the world's fastest SUV, or so says our Italian contact with insider info. Our DTP expert than set to work with this information and produced the following renderings. The project has been coded the "Ferrari FS 599 Fuoristrada" and its supposed world debut target date is the Geneva Auto Show 2010.


While the five-door will feature four-wheel drive its off-road capabilities are not among the top priorities of the Ferrari development team. Two-thirds of the engine's power is rumored to be transferred to the wide 22-inch high-performance street tires in the rear.


The engine is familiar and hails from the Ferrari F599 Fiorano, albeit in slightly modified form. Its maximum power output of more than 600 hp and 600 Nm of torque will be a challenge for the size 315 tires front and back.


Despite an empty weight of around 2.2 tons the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is supposed to take less than five seconds, thanks to Formula 1-type shift paddles on the steering wheel. Targeted top speed is 300 km/h.


With a top speed such as this the Ferrari FS 599 Fuoristrada would easily eclipse the performance of a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, just as easily as it would eclipse its price at projected 250,000 Euros plus.


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Hennessey Reveals 1000 HP Venom GT Concept Car


From Jalopnik





Looks like Hennessey Performance Engineering -- the tuners of all things Mopar and SRT -- are not going to sit back and kick up their heels with their twin-turboed Viper -- the Venom 1000 SRT. No, they've just revealed their suspected new concept super car, the Venom GT -- and yes, it's mid-engined. The Steve Everitt-penned light wight chassis Venom GT will incorporate Hennessey's massive Venom 1000 Twin Turbo Viper V10 powerplant and all thousand of it's snake-spookin' horses and still tip the scales at just under 2,700 lbs. That gives the GT an astonishing 2.7 lbs per horse -- and a purported 0 to 62 mph time of less than 2.5 sec. Even more important however would be the 0 to 186 mph time -- which Hennessey's claiming is a quick-as-a-cobra-strike 14 seconds. But company CEO John Hennessey's claiming this car isn't a "Veyron slayer" -- oh, no -- he already lays claim to that title with his Venom 1000 Twin Turbo SRT. No, according to Hennessey, this isn't a car for a Veyron driver -- no, it's much more of an "engaging" drive than the Bugatti uber-car because of the 1500 lb weight differential. We'd have to agree -- this car looks insane. We'll take two please, one for us and one for our tame race driver.


Full press release


HENNESSEY VENOM GT Concept Car 1000 BHP + 2700 lb Mid-Engine Chassis = New Benchmark of Sports Car Performance HOUSTON, TEXAS (November 20, 2007) - Hennessey Performance Engineering today announced that it is introducing the company's first concept car - The Venom GT. Penned by British auto designer, Steve Everitt, the Venom GT would incorporate Hennessey's potent Venom 1000 Twin Turbo Viper V10 powerplant into a light weight mid-engine chassis weighing "under 2,700 lbs". Power would be run through a 6-speed transmission or optional sequential gearbox. With a power to weight ratio of just 2.7 lbs per bhp Hennessey estimates that the Venom GT could attain 0 to 100 km/h times in less than 2.5 sec. and a 0-300 km/h time of around 14 seconds. Company founder, John Hennessey, is careful to point out that the Venom GT is not being built as a "Veyron Slayer". Hennessey point out, saying, "The Veyron is an ultra fast and ultra luxurious grand touring car which also happens to be quicker and faster than any other road car, except for our Venom 1000 Twin Turbo SRT which beat the Veyron earlier this year from 0-200 mph. The Venom GT will be a much more engaging sports car to drive by challenging the driver with 1000+ HP in a chassis that is nearly 1500 lbs lighter than the Veyron." Hennessey said, "The company already has existing Venom 1000 Twin Turbo clients interested in ordering the lighter, mid-engined Venom GT. "Right now are taking a serious look at building 2 concept cars that could be shown to the public sometime in 2009. If there is enough demand we may consider doing a very limited production run of the Venom GT." If the Venom GT goes into production, it would be built at the company's facility at Lonestar Motorsports Park which is located just west of Houston, Texas. About Hennessey Performance Engineering Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE) specializes in designing, testing, manufacturing and selling high-performance parts and services for the Dodge Viper SRT10, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, Chrysler 300C SRT8 and Dodge Magnum SRT8 as well as other high performance and exotic brands such as Bentley, AMG Mercedes and Porsche. HPE is completing the construction of the company's new 30,000 square foot engineering and manufacturing facility at the company's Lonestar Motorosports Park - a 1/4 mile dragstrip located 45 minutes west of Houston, Texas. HPE is the only aftermarket tuning firm in North America that owns and operates its own vehicle testing track / proving grounds. The company will move to its new facility at the end of 2007. # # #


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The Wooden Car with a Split Personality


From News.com





When Vasily Lazarenko began tinkering, he had a vision: build a wooden car. And apparently, it was a case of double vision. The resident of Chernovtsy, Ukraine, fashioned half of the body with a retro look and the other half with more modern styling. (Or at least, "modern" as it seems to be understood in the aftermath of the notoriously unstylish Soviet empire.)



Hit the link at the top for more amazing pics



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