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What You Bought This Week - 2022 Edition


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3 minutes ago, SpearHea:D said:

FEAR 1 a shooter way ahead of its time and still unmatched in AI.  The sheer blend of action and horror, so well done. Godlike game.





Absolutely. And nothing similar has come ever since as well (fast paced horror themed fps). 


The entire series for under 200 was  insane. Had to pick it up. 



Ps- do check out selaco as well. 


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On 1/7/2022 at 8:49 PM, Vamos said:











This was kind of my first joystick which i used to play games. My cousin got and  this we didn't knew it's proper we use to play all kinds of games except the one it's supposed to be played. We used to rock paper scissor and the person who lost had to use this to play the game. 

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1 hour ago, Lazyboy8134 said:

Is that Flight simulator on the Xbox or some other game on the PS5?

It is Flight sim on Xbox..


This one works only on Xbox and PC. 

For Playstation, there's a similar one (Hotas 4) 

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