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What You Bought This Week - 2022 Edition

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14 hours ago, playstationdude said:




Great catch on these. There was a trend earlier this year that the official 3DS online shops are to close, so physical games are expected to have their prices skyrocket later this year.




As always, I love this thread. Just seeing these hauls is making me giddy XD


Mine for the past 2 months:


Finally got my hands on the Chrono Cross Remake for Switch, as well as the OST ordered by a friend for me from Japan.




Then previously, I got these from a local seller. The Thundercats copy is still sealed! :D The rest are complete-in-box.



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On 5/3/2022 at 6:47 PM, Jake said:

Picked up cyberpunk collectors edition on sale and dbrand darkplates 2.0 which I prefer over the original





hey where did the Dbrand Plates?

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1 hour ago, VelivolusDas said:


It's 'PlayStation' written in Japanese Kanji! And, thanks! :)


Damn!! that is Pony Max Pro Ultra edition. 😂


Looks pretty cool man, congrats!

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On 5/9/2022 at 1:40 PM, VelivolusDas said:

Not sure where to post this, but this happened yesterday...






More photos/videos:




Want to get one myself. Was thinking of getting the new gow logo but with the alphabets in it being replaced by initials of my near & dear ones. 

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