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What You Bought This Week - 2022 Edition


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38 minutes ago, jak3072 said:

It's a good photo to be not showing up in forum :)

Had to click to see that one in new tab, embed it in page maybe ?



26 minutes ago, Vamos said:

Amazon Japan  - Link 

Around 3300  including shipping and customs. 




You got it pretty soon ? Saw that you ordered it quite recently ?

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On 10/7/2022 at 5:44 PM, Snake said:

After several months of OT and waiting for the right time, I finally bought it



yes :happydance: 
congratulations snake, u jest went Liquid from Solid :wub: 

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5 hours ago, Krazyniks said:

You seem to be on a shopping spree for these action figures . Do share pictures of your collection whenever you get time :)

These 2 are sitting at my friends home in Canada. When they arrive, I will post the image. 

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