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What are your 2022 gaming resolutions?

Vishnu Raj C

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33 minutes ago, fatpigeon said:

-concentrate on playing more games instead of chasing trophies


-resist the urge of buying a xbox till late 2021 (i will just play halo 5 on it, pc runs everything else)


- finish my pokemon collection



2021 is gone brother, you'll have to resist the urge till late 2022 now.

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2 hours ago, radicaldude said:



For this to happen, we would need extended lockdowna 


I am on permanent work from home, dude. Lock down or not, I will be sitting here trying to complete a level during client meetings :lol:

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(1) Try to finish atleast 1 game per month

(2) Get a PS5 before EOY

(3) Try to finish at least two of these from backlog Persona 5/ Final Fantasy/Fallout 4/ Borderlands/ Yakuza 0+Kiwami

(4) Attempt Bloodborne again




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1. Complete Witcher 3 (100+ hours in, yet to finish the story)
2. Play more games from Scampass before the free extension expires :P

3. Try some online co-op or MP game (last I played online was 4-5 years back) 

4. Finish Link's Awakening DX, Super Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy on Switch

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1 minute ago, rushaboswal said:

SAME :roflroll:

Just once I want to beat that f**ker and delete BB from my hdd forever. Every few months I think I'm Rambo, boot up BB, die countless times, switch off the console, cry in the corner :lol:

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