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The Book Thread


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Searched for something familiar, but got nothing, anyone out there who reads post your favourite books and genres and possibly a review or any comments on the particular book.


Favourite Genre: Non-Fiction/Adventure


Recently read: The Beach (Alex Garland) & Shanataram (Gregory David Roberts)


The Beach was an awesome book...brilliant writing style and an amazing tale, 4/5 althought I did'nt like the movie adaptation so much.


Shantaram..5/5 man, this book is a classic. Ca'nt wait to see what Mira Nair does with the movie :blink:

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Nice Thread Idea. Cheers Amey !!


Currently Reading

1) Shantaram (Non-fiction) (supposedly)

(some portions leave me incredulous. I dont think that all sections of the book are true.)


2) Blink (Non Fiction)

A nice book about the power of making split second decisions


3) The Children of Hurin (Fiction)

J.R.R. Tolkien's last book, recently finished by his grandson.

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Cheers MT :blink:


Currently reading The Inheritance of Loss by Kiram Desai...Shantaram is'nt completely non-fictious, some parts of it are fiction i'll give you an example...in reality there is'nt any karla...she's fictious, there are more things but I dont want to ruin the book for you :giggle: I met Gregory a couple of months ago, really nice guy...

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Im a huge Stephen King fan.

Right now im reading Liseys Story by King.


Last couple of books that i read were White Line Fever which is Lemmy Kilmister's biography of sorts

and Cell by Stephen King

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cool, nice to see some bookworms here.


Last book i read was "Catcher in the rye". Heard a lot about this book, it didnt disappoint me entirely. But the book is way too pessimistic.


The last non-fiction I read was "Who moved my cheese". Its a very good book and a must for ppl who are working.


Some of my fav authors:

1. John Grisham

2. James Hadley chase

3. Arthur Hailey

4. Sidney Sheldon


I read a lot of fiction as well. Too many favs to list them. But most of the books by the above authors I like the most.

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Well its typical King. It is highly entertaining and an absolute page turner.

Although it may not be as brilliant as some of his other books, i thoroughly enjoyed it.


Its like a zombie apocalypse story caused by cell phones and it does get pretty brutal in parts.

I would absoutely recommend it

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